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Gun Safe Dealers

Finding the Best Gun Safe


As a gun owner, a gun safe is one of the most important investments you have to make. But since there are so many types of gun safes available, you might find it hard to pick one. Well, probably not that difficult if you're aware of the features you should look for.




Size is always an issue when it comes to gun safes for sale. To know what size to pick, consider how many guns you currently have, and how many you might be adding in the foreseeable future. You should also look into where you intend to put the safe. If you're thinking of buying a large one, the garage might be a good place for storage. If in doubt, go bigger.




The price of a gun safe will vary widely, depending on obvious factors like features and size. You'll probably spend about $50 or less for a handgun safe. If you have a long gun, the cost of the safe could probably set you back from $100 to several thousand dollars. Note that more expensive isn't necessarily higher quality, but pricier safes do tend to be more reliable in terms of safety.




There's no doubt that biometric locks are the most sophisticated types of locks available. Other types of digital locks could also be effective, except of course if the electronics fail. Key locks are basic, but you have to ensure that they key is kept in a very safe place, yet still easily accessible to you when you must get it. That's not a problem with combination locks in gun safes for sale, but you might have the problem of forgetting the combination. That's why a combination-key lock combo is a popular choice. That means you get fast access to your safe without fumbling for a key, and you also have a backup option just in case you forget the combination.




There are a few things to look into when you check on the doors of a safe. First, where are the hinges? If they're found outside the safe, they're quite easy to compromise. Safes with internal hinges are always better. The doors must have at least four bolts each side, and one bolt at the top and at the bottom. Each and every bolt must be no thinner than 9/16 of an inch, and the steel door must be as thick as at least 25% of an inch. You should also see if the doorframe is a continuous weld instead of a spot weld which is easier to break into. Finally, steer clear of composite doors which may be thicker but have minimal steel thickness.


Fire and Water Resistance


A good gun safe will protect your guns from fire as well as water. Find out more about this when you review the site at An average house fire can be as hot as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, which means your safe should be able to hold up to that temperature for at least thirty minutes. Similarly, find a safe that resists water during a flood.




Finally, while you shop around for a safe, you will find that there are so many accessories available. Some safes come with gun racks, built-in lights, hygrometers for taking humidity levels, and even built-in dehumidifiers. If you want to keep low on costs, it will be cheaper for you to buy accessories individually and then install them yourself.